FAST Furnish and Install ITS Infrastructure

LVE was the prime contractor for four separate design-build projects (2007, 2008, 2010 and Las Vegas Boulevard TVM) to furnish and install ITS infrastructure throughout the Las Vegas Valley administered by Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). These four projects included installation of conduit, pull boxes, and fiber optic cable for 20 roadway corridors totaling over 40 miles of roadway within the Las Vegas Valley. LVE also performed the project coordination with the design team and with FAST.

I-15 North Design-Build – I-15/US 95 Interchange to Craig Road

LVE provided the ITS and electrical elements for this inaugural design-build project for NDOT as a subcontractor to NCC. This $242 million project included miles of Interstate 15 improvements from the I-15/US 95 interchange to Craig Road. The project included ITS enhancements including ramp meters, CCTV cameras, and DMS. The project was completed 7 months ahead of schedule and received the 2010 National Design-Build Merit Award.

Hoover Dam Bypass Final Roadway Improvements

LVE installed conduit, pull boxes, street lights, 2 anemometer wind stations located on the bridge, and 4 DMS with wireless communications located on both the Nevada and Arizona sides of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. The project included coordination with FHWA and with the electrical utility company in Arizona to establish power sources near the project vicinity.

NDOT #3474 US93 - CC 215 to Wagon Wheel

LVE was the prime contractor on this ITS project consisting of the Installation of 133 No.7 pull boxes, 31 No. 9 pull boxes, approximately 315,000 LF of various sizes of electrical and fiber optic conduit, 6,250’ LF of LVE self-performed directional drilling, 82,000 LF of 72-strand fiber optic cable with 26 CDCA’s. ITS devices included 1 complete ramp meter system, twenty 334 cabinets, 6 CCTV cameras including four 80’ CCTV poles with lowering systems, 5 Type 1 DMS, 1 type 1 DMS, 2 TTS, 2 HAR systems with 4 flashing signs, 25 fully integrated Layer 2 Ethernet switches, 42 Wavetronix radar type flow detectors, fourteen 600V to 120/240 volt step up / step down transformer cabinets and a complete fully integrated system including all SALT, SST and SAT testing self-performed by LVE.

Boulder Highway BRT - 8th Street to Horizon Drive

LVE was the electrical subcontractor on this ITS project consisting of the installation of 146 P30 pull boxes, 6 Type 100 splice vaults, 37 Type 200 splice vaults, approximately 155,000 LF of various sizes of electrical and fiber optic conduit, 190,000 LF of 72-strand fiber optic cable with 50+ CDCA’s and 23 bus shelters. This project was the first horizontal project in the state of Nevada to utilize CMAR.